What can I do to fix my Harley Davidson’s wobble and gain restitution for it?

The last thing that the owner of a Harley Davidson motorcycle would expect to have happen would be the total loss of control while driving, leading to a serious accident, all due to a design defect in its construction, also known as the Harley Davidson Wobble. The Harley Davidson Wobble is supposedly a construction flaw, wherein the frame of the bike is unable to constrain the engine properly and securely, resulting in the loss of control over the rear end of the bike, resulting into a potentially serious accident.

Here is where the trouble starts, as this situation known as a Harley Davidson Wobble can lead to irreversible injury in case of a motorcycle accident. The worst thing is that this failure happens just as the rider is negotiating a narrow sweeping turn, or is near a canyon or a steep terrain, where the loss of control over the rear wheel happens unexpectedly, sending the entire vehicle and the person in a wild vibrating jerk, leading to a ghastly scenario wherein the rider may acquire an internal fracture of the head or the spine, broken ribs, severe concussion, trauma, or even death.

The problem worsens when the management at Harley Davidson disagrees with the existence of this design flaw, and refuses to issue a recall or callback of the defective models, accusing the riders to be the reason behind the accident. In such case, there remain only two viable solutions for the motorbike owners – to consult a trustworthy and experienced motorcycle accident lawyer, and to replace the vital components of their Harley Davidson bikes with non- Harley aftermarket components. Those Harley Davidson motorbike owners who are aware of the unnatural vibration in their bikes can identify the onset of the wobble early on, and can opt to replace the handle bar and the rear suspension members with the non-Harley aftermarket kits, which are designed specially to avoid the problems associated with the non-constraining ability of the original frame for the engine.

The experts pointed out three possibilities behind the failure of the patented design of the Harley Davidson bikes, which result in the dreaded Harley Davidson wobble – the large displacement and wide angle of 180 degrees between the cylinders of the motor, the lack of metal joints in the engine, and lack of effective steering input – all of which can be eliminated by replacing the original parts with non-Harley aftermarket parts, which are more effective in reducing and the amplifications of the vibrations, and constraining the engine more effectively within the frame.

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